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Alina Ada Lungu

I am a Romanian painter, I live and work  in Romania.

   My art is completely internally driven, it is about my feelings and emotions of the moment, it is an international way of expressing myself. I sometimes  start from photos I made myself : a body, a portrait or a group of people; consciousness becomes filtered by my own personality.

   In the present moment the forms from my paintings gain new meanings throught juxtaposition process, figures becomes transparent, intersect each other and separates.

   Painting keeps me centered as a human being.

My artistic approach have its start from a careful analysis of forms and structures that are hidden or visible in reality. The subjects of my works are chosen from series of photos that are stored and I imagine for each a role that has to be accomplish in the compositional structure. My pictorial theme has a genuine support in the family archive.

 I want to use the memory as an element of newness and to integrate it to the present and future. Thereby those combined elements activates each, taking each other colours and meanings. The painting space becomes a stage in which the characters play together and also are dominating each other.

 I wanted to create a collage, a series of images through which I collect a sum of

emotions. Their joining together and the focus on portrait doubles the feeling of pressure in work.

The space loads with filled, detailed forms, reaching a spiritual message by expressiveness of forms and colours. Pink and warm colours lights the pictorial space and black accents creates depth.

My sources of inspiration originate from daily events and exploit them in order to create modern representations of forms.

           In my last recent pantings we can clearly find the mystery, this mystery creates a spiritual charge to the painting which makes it to send a message easy to perceive.


DOB: 02.11.1995

Education: National University of Arts (UNARTE)

Solo Shows

09.06.2021 – 24.07.2021 ,,Solo Show A.A Lungu”, Galerie Cartel, Strasbourg, France;


28.02.2020  ,,State of Knowledge, Studio NOVO Artspace, Köln, Germany;


15.06.2018 – 01.09.2018 ,,Imprints & Layers’’, Studio NOVO Artspace, Köln, Germany;


01.04.2017 – 28.8.2017 ,,Contemporary Velazquez’’, Studio NOVO Artspace, Köln, Germany.


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Alina Ada Lungu